Exchange Student Glossary

The following should help you better understand the way exchange students communicate in India. If you have corrections, or suggestions for more vocabulary, please post below. Please excuse my transliteration.

achaa (Hindi) – 1. Good 2. Okay, good

are bapure (Hindi) – 1. Oh my God! 2. Wow!
bapurebap (Hindi) – Wow! Wow! Syn. bapurebapurebap

are yaar (Hindi) – 1. Oh my… 2. Come on…

auto-rickshaw (English) – A petrol-powered, three-wheeled open-air taxi commonly used in most parts of India. Syn: auto, rickshaw

bahut (Hindi) – 1. Very 2. Much

baba (Marathi) – 1. Father 2. A term of respect for males of an elder age, often used in public

bas (Hindi) – Enough
I’m bas (Hindi/English) – 1. I have had enough. 2. I am finished.

beta (Hindi) – 1. Son 2. A small child 3. A term of endearment for youth

Bharat (Hindi) – India
Bhartiya (Hindi) – Indian

CCD (English) – A coffee shop common throughout India by the name of Cafe Coffee Day

chalo (Hindi) – Let’s go; come on
Let’s chalo (Hindi/ English) – Let’s go
chalo-ing (Hindi/ English) – 1. going 2. coming

chai (Hindi) – An Indian variety of tea

chan (Marathi) – Good

Come look my shop. (Indian English) – Please come inside my shop and take a look.

compulsory (Indian English) – Mandatory

crore (Hindi) – 1,00,00,000; 10 million

cum (Indian English) – To come

dekhna (Hindi) – To look
Dekho! (Hindi) – Look!

didi (Hindi) – 1. Older sister 2. A term of respect for females of slightly elder age, often used in public

Do one thing. (Indian English) – Do this.

ek marungi! (Hindi) – One slap!

Explain me. (Indian English) – Explain to me.

fire, to (Indian English) – To shout at

friendship, to (Indian English) – to come into contact with a person in a way that goes beyond Western standards of friendship, with or without consent

fukta (Marathi) – Only

gori (Hindi) – White

Gudhwara (Hindi) – Sikh temple

haa (Hindi) – Yes

hai (Hindi) – Is

hogaya (Hindi) – Finished

hotel (Indian English) – 1. A building with rooms in which people can stay overnight, for a fee 2. Restaurant

I didn’t get you. (Indian English) – I didn’t understand what you just said.

Indianed, to get (English) – To become Indian in some way

itself (Indian English) – A specific location

IYE (English) – International Youth Exchange

jawan (Hindi) – Young (male)
jawani (Hindi) – Young; lovely (female)

khana (Hindi) – Food

lakh (Hindi) – 1,00,000; 100,000
lakh crore (Hindi) – 10,00,00,00,00,000; 1 trillion

masti (Hindi) – Fun

na (Hindi) – 1. Right? 2. Isn’t it?

nahi (Hindi) – No

only (Indian English) – An exact location

pagle (Hindi) – Crazy

paining (Indian English) – hurting

paise (Hindi) – Money

pani (Hindi) – Water

Parle-G (English) – A semi-sweet breakfast biscuit

picture (Indian English) – Movie

puja (Hindi) – A Hindu religious ceremony

pyaar (Hindi) – Love

Rs. (English) – Rupees, the currency used in India

RYE (English) – Rotary Youth Exchange

scheiße (German) – 1. Stuff 2. Oh no! 3. Shit

since (Indian English) – For, with reference to an amount of elapsed time

take tension, to (Indian English) – To worry

timepass (Indian English) – An activity or state of being in which nothing of consequence is going on.

theek (Hindi) – Fine
theek hai (Hindi) – 1. Okay 2. It is okay.

todha (Hindi) – A little (male)
todhi (Hindi) – A little (female)

wallah (Hindi) – Vendor; worker

Where are you? (Indian English) – Where are you from?
From which country are you? (Indian English) – Where are you from?

window, to (English) – To throw a piece of garbage out the window of a vehicle

yaar (Hindi) – Buddy; friend

zindagi (Hindi) – Life

zope (Marathi) – Sleep



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  1. Jordan Says:

    There is no smiley face!

  2. Jordan Says:

    and you should add sleepdebt

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