North Tour Preview: Where I’ll be from 28 February to 25 March

How many people have the chance to visit the Taj Mahal?

Now how many people who visit the Taj Mahal can claim it may not be the most interesting thing they do in a 26-day stretch?

Once again, I’m incredibly lucky to be on a month long tour of India, and this one looks to be even better than the last. The Taj Mahal in Agra is like The Great Wall of China, The Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa all rolled into one. It’s the first piece of architecture that comes to mind when one thinks of India. It’s one of the wonders of the world.

But I can’t say it’s the most exciting thing I have to look forward to on this tour.

So if not the Taj Mahal, what is?

The Pink City of Jaipur and its monumental palaces? A camel ride through Rajasthan and a nighttime campout in the desert? Dharamsala, a monastery wherein the Dalai Lama resides? Manali, perhaps the only place in India I’m likely to step in snow? White-water rafting in Himachal Pradesh? Delhi, the capital of India and the site of monuments such as the Red Fort, the India Gate, and Lotus Temple? Varanasi, one of the world’s oldest cities, on the banks of the Ganges River? Darjeeling, which provides a view of the third-highest peak in the world, Mt. Kanchenjunga? Gangtok, where we’ll celebrate Holi at two miles above sea level? Kolkata, the cultural capital of India?

I can’t tell you now.

But four weeks from now, when I’ve completed all that and more, I should be able to.



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3 Responses to “North Tour Preview: Where I’ll be from 28 February to 25 March”

  1. Lissa and Brent Thompson Says:

    Another wonderful opportunity for you! We are looking forward to “seeing” it through your great descriptions.

  2. Ganesh Says:

    Hey Chris, I found your blog as i was searchin for the tag ‘nagpur’ in wordpress tags. I really found very interesting, looking my city, my country, my culture from US perspective (bt d way, im from Nagpur only)!
    I explored you blog as back as independence day, raksha bandhan, etc. I have also recommended it to my friend and also have subscribed ot it. Apparently, you are in North India now and not writing on blog. Looking forward for your next post as soon as you come back to Nagpur on 25th.
    Cya soon :), it’s me, Ganesh 🙂

  3. Ganesh Says:

    Hey, aren’t you back yet from your North India tour? We are waiting for your new post.. 🙂

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