Because I like to self-promote sometimes

This evening, my friend Ashish became the 10,000th person to read my blog.

I’m flattered, although you’d expect me to say that anyway. I take no shame in having closely monitored the site stats lately – it’s the goal of every writer to be read, after all. But 10,000 is just a tenth of a lakh. It’s still just a number. You can find longer-established, wider-read, far-superior publications a couple clicks away.

I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you what you want out of my remaining time here.

What do you want to read about? I have just over three months remaining in India, one of which will be spent on a tour of North India. Two more mega-entries are coming, one of which I’ll put up some time after my plane lands in Chicago this summer. You can count on a comparison of cricket and baseball, a detailed analysis of Indian food, and (with their consent) some long-overdue introductions to the people who have made my life here absolutely wonderful.

But what else do you want to hear? What don’t you want to hear? What have you enjoyed the most so far? What has tuned you out? What do you like most about this site? What do you like the least?

What about the North Tour? Do you have any suggestions for how I cover that?

What else do you want to know about India?

I’ve asked enough for now. Thank you for letting me take you with me on An Indian Year. You are the reason I write this blog. You are the reason I exercise my fingers on this laptop each week. You are the fuel for every word that I publish.

Thank you.



4 Responses to “Because I like to self-promote sometimes”

  1. Fred Held Says:


    I will trust your judgment on what you should write about. I enjoy your style of writing as much as the content.

    You can make riding your bicycle and exciting read.


  2. Shawn Bird Says:

    An excellent achievement! You’re 750 ahead of me. 😉

  3. pyoder Says:

    Attended celebration of Holi tonight as did Mr Stone and his wife. Amazing performers. Impressed by level of difficulty of playing tabla. Cannot wait to hear you play. Till then consider blogging more about Indian music of all types.

  4. Eleni Swift Says:

    Heey, your blogs great, I’m so glad I found it !
    My names Eleni ( I’m English but I live in france ) and I’m hoping to take partin a Rotary exchange next year as well ( to india or mexico – I can’t descide !! xD )

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