Boys soccer: Yoder scores goal in 7-5 win over The Other Team

NAGPUR (AIY) –– In spite of muggy conditions and a soggy pitch, high scoring prevailed in this morning’s soccer match, as Chris and Mayank’s Team (CMT) held on for a 7-5 win over The Other Team (TOT) despite being outnumbered six to five.

This was the third such morning game scheduled in the last three weeks. However, Chris missed the first match due to his sleeping so deeply Mayank could not awaken him in time for the match. The second match was canceled due to rain.

Play began at approximately 10 a.m. this morning, with players only informed of the match less than an hour beforehand. Some initial confusion on the division of the teams was easily resolved by an informal pact that gave TOT six players, while CMT took the remaining five.

CMT didn’t seem to be affected by the imbalance, as the game’s informal style suited them well. Player One scored the first goal for CMT just after the game began, kicking the ball between the two rightmost trees on the far end of the pitch. But TOT tied up the score when Player Two easily placed the ball between the stack of bricks and the tree on the near side.

Despite the lack of an official scorer, play continued for nearly an hour, with players keeping track of the score themselves. Both offensive and defensive players showed a tendency to stay close to the ball but not attack it, leading to many offensive opportunities.

With CMT leading 6-4, Chris received a pass at the far end of the pitch with only the goalkeeper able to challenge the shot. However, despite the fact Chris was within two meters of the goal, his shot sailed left by two feet.

After TOT scored their fifth goal, Chris received a second chance. With the ball in a similar position as before, this time Chris did not miss the shot, and the ball cleared the fence behind the goal, bouncing onto the traffic-free street behind the pitch.

Without the sound of a referee’s whistle, play ended around 10:45 due to mutual consensus. Players shook hands, smiled, and went home to take showers.

As of press time, it is unknown whether CMT or TOT will play again. Would the teams be disbanded, Chris’ Other Team (COT) would likely play The Other Other Team (TOOT) in a future match.

This entry is 100 percent nonfiction. If you were confused by this post, you probably haven’t read many articles like this.


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5 Responses to “Boys soccer: Yoder scores goal in 7-5 win over The Other Team”

  1. John Says:

    Haha, good ol’ soccer pickup matches. Tell me, Chris, do they use their bodies while playing as much as people who seriously play do here (blocking, shoving, etc etc? )

  2. jaber2 Says:

    You made me smile :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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