Thank you

This is for all of you. If you feel snubbed, it’s entirely my fault.

Thank you for reading this.

Thank you everyone who’s ever commented or rated one of my posts.

Thank you to the eight of you subscribed to this blog.

Thank you Bill Volk for being the first person to sit down and talk with me about Rotary.

Thank you Mr. Stone and Ethan Stone for telling me about youth exchange and making me excited to go on one.

Thank you Mr. Krull, Ms. Kim and Mr. Vaughn for teaching me about India in 6th, 8th, and 9th grade, respectively.

Thank you Mr. Porreca for giving me my first audience to write to.

Thank you Lisa Micele for preparing me for the four years after this one.

Thank you Mr. Rayburn for giving me the idea to write a blog about India in Nonfiction Writing.

Thank you Abhilasha Malhotra and Shawn Bird for teaching me about India and Rotary, respectively, despite the fact I’ve never met either of you in person.

Thank you Beth Scheid for Culture Shock and for telling me and my mom what to expect in India.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Shah, Bill Johnson, Ananth Nann, Ben Zehr, Fred Held, some Facebook friends of my mom, and about a bajillion other people for talking with me about India.

Thank you Tom Redington for everything you’ve taught me and everything you’ve done for the outbounds and District 6490.

Thank you Jagdish Khatri for being the first person from 3030 to reach out to me.

Thank you Rotary and everyone involved with it for making this trip possible.

Thank you Gibson Wirth for teaching me about cricket.

Thank you Jack Gillette for our “psychic” connections.

Thank you Brittany Scheid for giving me the idea to take a gap year, even though I never told you that until now.

Thank you Katherine Allen for meeting me at the Savoy 16 on the eve of two of my biggest milestones the last two months.

Thank you Andrew LaPointe for epitomizing kindness.

Thank you Daniel Wilson for your input on this blog’s color scheme and letting me in your house unannounced yesterday.

Thank you Jared Doyle for the car rides and sticking with me for five years.

Thank you Lisa Boyce, Jasper Maniates-Selvin, Stephanie Overmier, Tianna Pittenger, Mr. Sutton, US History and everyone else for baseballbaseballbaseball, which I will be taking to India.

Thank you Eric Chen, Daniel Cheng, Jefferson Fu, John Hadley, Mohammad Jaber, Adam Joseph, Andrew LaPointe, Robbie McMillen, Stephanie Overmier, Tianna Pittenger, and John Vaughen for signing the baseball which I will be taking to India.

Thank you Greg Atherton, Eric Chen, Danny Ge, Jefferson Fu, John Hadley, Jie Han, Mohammad Jaber, Kevin Kuo, Allen Luo, Sid Madhubalan, Robbie McMillen, Alex Mestre, Ananth Nann, Chris Nguyen, Edo Roth, Johnny Shapley, John Vaughen, Simeon Washington, Richard Wang, Yulun Wu, Mike Zhivov and Mr. Bergandine for all the memories from tennis, which I will be taking to India.

Thank you Eric Chen, Mohammad Jaber, and John Vaughen, for being a receptive audience with both tennis and this blog, and for being three of the greatest friends I have.

Thank you Claire Billingsley, Maria Gao, Hadley Hauser and Tianna Pittenger for taking the same post- or mid-Uni leap of faith that I am.

Thank you Wesley Wiltgen, John Hurst and Jerryl Banait for talking with me for several hours about India, Nagpur, and your years halfway across the world from home.

Thank you Joe Chang for showing me good people live all over the world.

Thank you James Claxon for Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake and the memories from Pontiac, Chicago and Grand Rapids.

Thank you Saurin Shah for walking around the U of I with me the other day, and showing me exactly what it means to be adaptable.

Thank you Jefferson Fu for the curry stereotypes, but mostly for teaching me that underclassmen can be cool people too. LI

Thank you Stephanie Overmier for all the GChat conversations, Cracked, making me a Blackhawks fan, and teaching me to teach.

Thank you Jason He for the LOLLERSKATES, LMAOBERRIES, and showing me how the internet can bring people together. So far, yet so close.

Thank you Daniel Cheng for the frisbee games, the bike rides, the world-class one-liners on Buzz, and your exceptionally accurate moral compass.

Thank you Tianna Pittenger, who I owe everything in my transformation into an outgoing, social person. b 😀 d

Thank you my three little cousins for making me smile and laugh. I’ll teach you cricket when I get back! Enjoy your time now, because we all grow up faster than we’d like.

Thank you Aunt Julie and Uncle Larry for the graduation party with the Indian food and the hospitality you always provided for me.

Thank you in advance to my host family for taking me in and giving me the chance to live An Indian Year.

Thank you Grandma for teaching me that being nice to people gets them to be nice back to you. Thanks for all the times you’ve been there for me over the years – this blog is for you.

Thank you Mom, for the last 22 years, bringing me into this world, and having the courage to let me go. You, more than anyone else reading this, know what I mean when I say that.

You all can learn a lot from each other. I learned a lot from you.



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6 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. p yoder Says:

    I correct myself. I actually began my Big Adventure in the Fall of 89. Without a doubt, I must say that the period since 92 has been the most wonderful time of my life.

    So, thank YOU, Chris C. Yoder.

  2. allthingsbiological Says:

    I’m so excited about this opportunity, Chris, AND being able to follow you on your journey! I think this year will be defining and shape many aspects of your path. I know Ethan’s year certainly was defining.

    Go get ’em, Chris! I’m subscribed and ready to read!

  3. John Says:

    Yes. Thank you Chris, many times over, for being the nice person that I associated with tennis club, the person who encouraged me to go and try hard and have fun, and for always having the positive, happy, encouraging attitude. This is one of the most important things you will take to India and wherever you may travel.

    If not for you, I would have most likely stopped playing tennis altogether. Whenever I play now I will think of you!

    It’s been a fun 2 years– ttfn!

  4. cyoder Says:

    Two more I really shouldn’t have left out:

    Thank you Merle Giles and Pam Joop for the 108 “I”-pins that will be exchanged with Rotary students from all around the world.

    Thank you Uni, and everyone there. There are way too many people from there I could name, and the outstanding education I got there played a huge part in this entire trip.

  5. lmicele Says:

    What a beautiful post. Thank YOU, Chris, for sharing your high school years with me. It is a true honor to know you. Keep smiling, be safe, and enjoy yourself. I’ll look forward to following your many adventures!!
    We are all thinking of you…

  6. Lissa and Brent Thompson Says:


    It’s going to be fun hearing about your India Year through your wonderfully descriptive observations. Enjoy every moment.

    Lissa and Brent

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