Dreaming about India…in my dreams

Most of the time when I dream, the plot goes something like this:

At a baseball stadium at my school in math class, I’m in a footrace with my friend for a green napkin that I need so I can polish the bubble gum off the trees in my backyard, except my backyard is now in my kitchen and I’m eating McDonalds french fries on a roller coaster, and I’m putting chocolate syrup on them because I have a craving for something spicy, and I’m suddenly in a car, and just as I’m about to put the fries in my mouth a T-Rex appears and starts rapping an Eminem song…

…And I wake up. And I forget it all. Although the song stays in my head for a while.

There is no “why” in dreams. Mostly, they’re just random snippets of the past, scrapbooked together without the hindrance of the thinking part of my brain to recap the “what”.

However, I still remember my dream from last night.

I was in a parking lot outside a one-story recreational center. There was probably a party of some sort going on, as people were bringing American food inside. I specifically remember chocolate cake, and possibly Doritos. Later we watched an episode of Futurama where Bender was acting goofy. (Look at the detail on Bender’s Wikipedia page!)

These were just the random musings of my mind, though. It was the routine nightly meandering of my hippocampus, my memories selected as if a hand from the deck of a million cards.

But as I was standing in the parking lot, something curious happened. “I’m in India,” I thought, even though the setting of my dream didn’t resemble anything I’d ever seen in India. I realized that the weather was quite nice outside, if a touch warm. I thought of this blog, and thought I’d post something reminding everyone of Nagpur’s weather.

Then I woke up. Well, technically I woke up after Bender stopped singing.

A strange feeling set in once I realized I was conscious. I was sad. It was the same feeling I get when I wake up from dreams where I’m about to eat a slice of pizza, hang out with a friend, or watch the Cubs win a baseball game. It certainly had nothing to do with the Futurama episode.

A couple days ago, while I was on the bus, I had a feeling similar to that of being on an airplane about to take off. I had an urge to board an airplane, to take off, to experience something new. After all, I haven’t left central Illinois since I went to Chicago last month. I think I’m ready to go there right now.

Or, you know, I could just go to India in my dreams.


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2 Responses to “Dreaming about India…in my dreams”

  1. John Says:

    You are about to embark upon one of the biggest adventures of your life, all cliches aside. This is a turning moment for you, as you are leaving most of what you know behind (at least there is still the internet..). These sad feelings are those of change, but soon they will be displaced by grand adventure and new friends :). And surely you will dream of America while in India :p

    • cyoder Says:

      Ah, except it was more of an “I just woke up” sad than an “I’m leaving forever!” sad. And I’m not leaving anything behind! I’m taking all my memories with me. I’ll never forget allz y’allz.

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